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Paris - Yaounde from 27 November 2015 to 20 Jan 2016: AfricPass helped Mrs. K. in September 2015 to find the cheapest ticket: 454.45 eur / adult with brussels airlines. Rebooking with fees, not refundable.

BRU - Cotonou from Jan. 8 to April 8, 2016: AfricPass helped Mrs. F. in December 2015 to make savings. : She paid 570 eur with AF. Rebooking with fees, not refundable.



BRU - Kinshasa from 4 to 11 February 2016: AfricPass helped Mrs. B. in January 2016 to find the cheapest ticket: 488.37 eur / adult with Air France. Rebooking with fees, not refundable.






Lyon - Abidjan from 11 February 2016 to 29 March 2016: AfricPass helped Mr. F. in January 2016 to find the cheapest ticket with brussels airlines:  He paid 504.3 eur. Rebooking with fees, not refundable.


Comment customer Murielle K - September 24, 2015 : "I discovered AfricPass on Facebook through the" Black and Proud" page which was advertising an AfricPass market research. I directly sent message through the contacts on their website, to see if I could be helped to purchase my ticket Paris-Yaoundé (December 2015) and I admit that I am completely satisfied for several reasons including: -assistance and monitoring in the search for my ticket; affordable ticket quickly found. Thanks to Africpass, travelling to my motherland, Africa, will not be a hassle and less long reflection. trust them like me !! "